Marine Certification AA5083 Aluminum Boat Sheet Metal

Aluminum boat sheet metal also play the most critical role in the actual nautical application process. The quality of shipbuilding in the process of marine engineering construction will directly affect the development process of the entire navigation industry. At the same time, multi-party analysis and research are required on the selection of materials to meet the development needs of the current navigation industry.

In the selection of materials for nautical engineering, corrosion and physical properties need to be taken into consideration, so that the quality of the ship can be guaranteed, and the speed of the ship can also be improved. Marine certification aluminum sheets like AA 5083 has the characteristics of reducing weight, increasing ship speed and increasing stability in the process of shipbuilding, so there is still a lot of room for development in shipbuilding.

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Aluminum alloy is the most common material in the process of shipbuilding, but in the use of shipbuilding, it is necessary to select the most prominent alloy of excellent corrosion resistance, plasticity, weldability and great strength.

Al-Mg alloy especially 5083 aluminum is the most common in the manufacturing of marine ships. The main reason is that the strength and corrosion resistance of aluminum-magnesium-zinc and aluminum-magnesium-silicon alloys will be significantly reduced after welding. It is difficult for the external welding materials used for the hull to meet the quality requirements for the hull, but the use of aluminum-magnesium alloys can make up for this shortcomings.

In terms of the physical properties of its metals, aluminum-magnesium-zinc alloys are more suitable for heat-treatable components of welding technology in ship and marine engineering construction, while aluminum-magnesium-silicon alloys are mainly used in hull materials.

Marine aluminum alloys was first developed in Switzerland, and has achieved great results in the specific application process. Many countries have also attached importance to the application of aluminum alloys in the manufacturing process of civil nautical ships and the corrosion resistance properties of aluminum alloys.

In the process of repeated research and practice, aluminum alloys with higher corrosion resistance such as AA 5083 have been used. Welcome to leave message below to inquire marine certification aluminum sheet price.

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