Aluminum plate for ship deck

The ship deck has high requirements for corrosion resistance,water resistance,slip resistance and wear resistance. 5052, 5083, 5086 and 6061marine grade aluminium plate are often used.

Aluminum plate for yachts building

Aluminum yachts are more durable, comfortable and safer. 5052 and 5083 aluminum sheets are two main kinds of marine aluminum sheets for yacht-shipbuilding. Inquire now!

Aluminum plate for fishing boat

5052 h32 aluminum sheet, 5086 and 6061 are the main kinds of aluminum plates for fishing boats with higher safety and better economy. What are their uses? Learn more.

Aluminum profile for keel

The keel, the main part of f the hull structure, plays a pivotal role in the sailing safety. Marine grade aluminum 5083 is often used for the hull of ships. Learn more.

Aluminum plate for ship chimney

5083, 5052 and 5a03 marine grade aluminum sheets for sale is often used for making ship chimney because of good strength, excellent welding performance and strong corrosion resistance.

Marine grade aluminum checker plate

Marine grade aluminum checker plate is often used for the ship deck because of excellent anti-skid performance and excellent corrosion resistance.5052, 5086 and 5083 are the main kinds.