Alu 5083

5083-H116 and 5083-H-H321 marine grade aluminium plates are often used for the underwater part of the ships because of its excellent corrosion resistance. Best price for you!

Alu 5086

Marine grade aluminum 5086 is often used as the underwater part of the hull because of its excellent corrosion resistance and rust proof performance. Inquire 5086 aluminum price!

Alu 5383

5383 marine grade aluminum sheet is widely used in high-speed ships such as the parts of ship decks and hull because of higher strength and better welding performance. Learn more.

Alu 5059

5059 aluminum has excellent comprehensive performance, often used in marine engineering such as large cruise ships. Large production capacity, best aluminum sheet price! Learn more.

Alu 5052

5052 marine grade aluminium is often used as the hull of yachts and in other applications such as ships floors or ship tanks. Learn more about 5052 aluminum plate.

Alu 6082

6082 marine aluminium sheet is ideal material for manufacturing high-speed ship parts, widely sued in Europe and USA. Haomei 6082 aluminum has DNV, GL, ABS, CCS, BV certificate. Learn more!

Alu Wire

5183 and 5356 aluminum wire with high magnesium content are often used for marine aluminum sheet welding. They features excellent corrosion resistance and hot crack resistance. Inquire now!

Alu 6061

Marine grade aluminum 6061 is widely used for sailboat, catamaran and ship deck floor for its excellent weldability, light weight and anti-skid performance. Inquire 6061 aluminum sheet price now!

Alu 5456

5456 marine grade aluminum plate for sale is an economic choice for the ship building. It can be used for bottom plate, deck and other upper fitting. Inquire 5456 aluminum price now!

Alu 6063

The 6063 aluminum plate is often used for the upper outfitting such as portholes or ship container in ship building. Welcome to inquire aluminum 6063 price from us now!