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Core Competencies

Haomei Aluminum is a certified marine grade aluminum supplier in China. It has been in this field for over 20 years and is quickly growing into one of the largest manufacturer and exporter of marines aluminum sheets worldwide.

The founder, Mr Ma, is a wise leader with international view, who has kept close contact with other professionals at home and abroad. Therefore, we can follow tightly with the latest aluminum processing technologies and meet the newest market need.

Our marine aluminum plates are of rich alloys, covering 5052, 5083, 5086, 6061, 5059, 6063, 5456, 6082, 5383, etc. All of them have passed the certification of DNV, ABS, NK, CCS and LR. They have been used for a variety of ships ranging from small yachts to cruise ships of tens of tons. In addition, they are used in the different parts of boats such as hull, deck,keel, chimney,etc.

We deliver quality metal with exceptional service both domestically and internationally and have placed product in 100 counties and regions, including Japan, Korea, North America, Australia, The Bahamas, Brazil, The Caribbean Islands, Chile, Columbia, France, India, Italy, Mexico, New Zealand, Panama, Peru,etc.

Sales team

Our professional sales staff stands ready to assist you in any way possible. The owned customers’ trust is due to the the friendly and helpful nature of our entire team, always striving to meet the customer's requirements. With rich experience and rich professional knowledge, our sales staff can help you avoid many troubles and unnecessary cost due to the market fluctuation.

We are able to respond to your inquiries faster than our competitors by using our world-class sales and inventory management system. Anywhere in the world, at any time, we are able to check inventory, quote prices and send orders to our factory.

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