Aluminum profile for keel

Aluminum Profile for Keel

In recent years, the construction volume of aluminum alloy ships in passenger ships and fishing boats has increased greatly. The keel, the main part of f the hull structure, plays a pivotal role in the sailing safety.

The keel is a longitudinal member that connects the bow post and the stern post in the center of the base of the hull. It is located at the bottom of the ship. The main function of the ship's keel is load-bearing. It is the most important load-bearing structure for ships, especially small ships.

The second function of the keel is to expand the side area of the ship, increase the parallel impedance of the ship in the water, and prevent crosswind turning. In addition, the keel also plays an important role in stabilizing the weight of the ship, reducing the tilt or reverse rotation of the ship.

Marine Grade Aluminum 5083

The main alloying element in 5083 aluminum sheet is magnesium, which has good corrosion resistance and weldability, and medium strength. Excellent corrosion resistance makes 5083 alloy widely used in maritime applications such as ships, automobiles, aircraft welding parts, subway light rail, tank cars and many other aspects.

The underwater part of the hull, especially in the sea water all the year round, must be able to resist the corrosion of sea water. The most commonly used products of this part are 5083H116 and 5083H321 aluminum sheet. They are more suitable for the underwater environment of the ocean than H111 and H112 aluminum sheet.

5083 Aluminum Sheet VS 5052 Aluminum Sheet

5052 aluminum sheet is easy to process and shape, but 5083 aluminum sheet has bigger tensile and yield strength. Tensile strength refers to the maximum stress that a material can withstand before it is broken. Yield strength refers to the ability of a material to resist slight plastic deformation. Beyond this limit, the material will not be able to return to its original shape, showing permanent deformation.

Specifically, this means that under the same thickness and other conditions, a boat made of 5083 aluminum sheet can withstand higher pressure without breaking or deforming than a boat made of glass fiber, steel plate, or 5052 aluminum alloy.

Marine grade aluminum 5083 also has very good welding performance. Compared with other aluminum alloys, 5083 will only lose 7% of its tensile strength around the welding zone, and 5052 will lose 19%~36% after welding. Heat-treated alloys such as 6061 may lose about 80% of the tensile strength around the heat-affected zone of the weld.

Why Choose Haomei Aluminum

1. As a marine grade aluminium supplier, Haomei Aluminum has strict control of aluminum ingot quality.

2. The rolling mill equipment is equipped with advanced Siemens thickness automatic control system and Siemens shape automatic control system to realize the precise control of the shape and thickness.

3. Haomei 5083aluminum plate is free of impurities, silver-white, bright in color, and of flat shape.

4. The 1+1 production line and 1+4 aluminum plate production line meet the needs of the market at different levels. With the.six-high cold rolling mill, the width of the aluminum plate can be up to 2600mm.

Specification of 5083 Aluminum Sheet




O,H12,H14,H16,H18,H19, H22,H24,H26,

H28,H32,H34, H36,H38,H111,








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