Marine Grade 5456 Aluminum Sheet

Aluminum alloy is an ideal choice for the lightweight hull of the ships. When its strength is same as steel, the weight of aluminum alloy structure is about 35% to 52% of that of low-carbon steel. When it is at the same stiffness as steel, the weight of aluminum structure is about 50% of steel.

Therefore, aluminum is an ideal choice for the manufacture of hulls, superstructures and other warehouse appliances. especially the best material for the manufacture of planing boats, hydrofoil craft, hovercraft, and wing craft. Because their lightweight hull is extremely effective for increasing speed.

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In order to improve the living conditions of passengers on passenger ships, it is necessary to expand the living area and increase the superstructure, so the stability of the ship may decrease. However, widening the width of the ship can improve the stability of the ship, but the speed will be reduced. The use of aluminum alloy superstructure can effectively resolve this contradiction.

The use of aluminum to manufacture the hull and superstructure of a cargo ship can increase cargo capacity or speed, thereby reducing transportation costs. Due to the non-magnetic nature of aluminum, it is an excellent material for manufacturing minesweepers and special purpose ships.

Marine grade 5456 aluminium sheet is used for structural applications and can be cold worked. Its strength is higher than that of 5086 and 5083. It is a typical welding aluminum alloy.It is usually used for bulkheads and superstructures, hulls of patrol boats and work boats.

The amount of aluminum used for the "Liaoning" aircraft carrier is estimated to be about 650t, and most of the alloys are 5052 and 6063. As early as 1933, the United States used 5052 alloy to manufacture bridges, deck cabins, aircraft launchers, elevators, masts, etc. for aircraft carriers, destroyers, and cruisers.

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