DNV Certification Aluminum Sheet for Marine Applications

Large surface ships refer to cruisers and destroyers. In order to reduce the weight of the superstructure and maintain stability, aluminum alloy structures are widely used. In fact, in many large surface ships such as destroyers, the entire structure on the main deck is made of marine grade aluminum sheet and extrusion.

According to reports, the amount of aluminum alloy used in the above-deck structures of destroyers of different classes in the U.S. Navy is as follows: the amount of aluminum used in escort destroyers (DE) is 251.33t, the amount of aluminum used in guided missile destroyers (DLG) is 811.30t, and the amount of aluminum used in ballistic missile destroyers ( DDG) uses 515.88t of aluminum, and the ballistic missile nuclear-powered destroyer leader (DLGN) uses 930.35t of aluminum.

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The USS Dewey (DLG14), the first guided missile destroyer of the U.S. Navy, is 15.24m longer than the largest destroyer during World War II, and its displacement is almost twice as large. Among the 811.30t aluminum alloy used in the superstructure of the "Dewey", most of them are marine grade aluminium 5456 thick plate and 5086 thin aluminum plate.

Of the total amount of aluminum used, about 20% is 5456 and 5086 alloys. 5XXX aluminum alloys are have stronger corrosion resistance to seawater. Other aluminum materials are used to make all cabinets, furniture, beds and related equipment below the deck. The involved aluminum sheets are 5052 and 6061 aluminum sheets.

5456 Al-Mg alloy is closely related to the 5356 aluminum alloy.Like most other aluminum-magnesium alloys, it is used in structural applications and can be welded. It is not used as a filler in wrought alloys and can be formed by rolling, extruding, and forging, but it can’t be cast. Cold working increases strength but decreases ductility. Exfoliation corrosion can occur with prolonged exposure to temperatures above 65℃ (150 ℉). Welcome to leave message below to inquire aluminum for marine applications.

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