An Overview of Aluminum Magnesium Welding Wire

Haomei Aluminum uses high-purity metals as raw materials and adopts vacuum casting-extrusion-drawing method to produce aluminum magnesium welding wire. Through vacuum smelting, problems such as hydrogen absorption, oxidative slagging, component segregation, and severe shrinkage porosity are solved in the casting process of high-magnesium aluminum alloys, thereby preparing high-purity and high-quality aluminum-magnesium extrusion billets. It provides a strong guarantee for the subsequent preparation of high-quality aluminum welding wire.

Compared with the joint using traditional Al-Mg welding wire under the same conditions, the tensile strength of Haomei Al-Mg welding wire joint is increased by 40~100MPa, the plasticity and toughness are also improved, and the elongation and impact toughness can be increased by 20%~50%. The high-frequency fatigue limit can be increased by 15-25MPa (107 cycles), and the relative increase can reach 20%~40%.

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Our Al-Mg welding wire contains 5% magnesium content. It has strong versatility, high strength and good color after welding anodized. It is suitable for AC argon arc welding and pure argon protection. Before welding, it is necessary to clean the welding joint of the workpiece, and avoid moisture in the air, welding parts and welding wire.

Aluminum welding is widely used in automotive aluminum alloy fuel tanks, car doors, car body, car frame, stage equipment, aluminum alloy doors and windows, guardrails, aluminum shells, aluminum tanks, pressure vessels, aluminum alloy furniture, aluminum templates, petrochemical silos, ships and yachts, transportation facilities, etc.

Haomei aluminum wire is vacuum-packed in standard welding wire reels with diameters of 270mm and 300mm. There are 1.0mm, 1.2mm, 1.6mm, 2.0mm and other customized specifications. The dimensional tolerance is -0.01~+0.01, and the weight of a single reel is 5~ 7 kg.

By adjusting the production processes such as casting, extrusion and heat treatment, and strictly controlling the gas content of the welding wire, the hydrogen content of the aluminum-magnesium wire can be strictly controlled below 0.12mL/100g Al, effectively ensuring the quality of the welding wire. Welcome to leave message below to inquire aluminium wire price.

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