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5000 series Al-Mg alloys are representative aluminum alloys with medium strength and good corrosion resistance and weldability. Commercially used aluminum alloys include 5025, 5249, 5354, 5059, 5180, 5283, 5283B, 5383 aluminum plate and other aluminum magnesium alloys.

Currently, three alloys, 5083, 5086, and 5383, are mainly used in ship hull structures. Their corrosion resistance, mechanical properties, and welding properties are all good. There are many types of fishing boats, like rubber boats and assault boats. However, these have a weakness and are prone to breakage. Aluminum alloy fishing boats can avoid such problems.

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In 1995, the French company P├ęchine registered an improved version of 5083 - 5383 aluminum alloy. This alloy has increased corrosion resistance and increased impact strength by 10%. These improvements have the potential to significantly reduce the mass of welded vessels and increase the yield point of the welding location by 15%. The characteristics of 5383 alloy such as processing, forming, folding, shearing, and welding are almost the same as those of 5083, which makes 5383 alloy more advantageous in building larger and higher-speed ships.

The Mg content in 5383 aluminum alloy is between 4.0 and 5.2%. When used in corrosive environments, such as offshore environments, corrosion failure is prone to occur. Therefore, 5383 aluminum plates needs to be stabilized and annealed to improve its corrosion resistance.

In 1999, for the further development of the shipbuilding industry, the Koblenz Rolling Plant (Germany) jointly registered the 5059 aluminum alloy with the American Aluminum Association. This alloy proves that aluminum can be stronger than steel. Its ultimate strength value and yield point are comparable to low-alloy steel S235 (AlCu4SiMg, AA2014), and its strength properties are also greatly improved compared to the traditional 5083 aluminum alloy. The yield point increased by 26% before welding and by 28% after welding( got from 5059 H321/H116 welded sheet).

5059 aluminum alloy is the most high-end marine aluminum alloy and is currently recognized as the most technically difficult aluminum alloy in the industry. Haomei Aluminum has passed the 5059 aluminum alloy plate factory certification of Det Norske Veritas and China Classification Society and achieved mass production.

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