5083 5052 Marine Grade Aluminum

Boats and ships are mostly used in harsh seawater media and marine environments, so whether aluminum alloys are corrosion-resistant is one of the main signs that determine whether they can be used as marine aluminum alloys.

It is generally required that the marine aluminum sheets and welded joints have no tendency of stress corrosion, exfoliation corrosion and intergranular corrosion in seawater and marine environments; contact corrosion, crevice corrosion and marine growth adhesion corrosion should be avoided as much as possible; small uniform corrosion and pitting corrosion are allowed.

5052 marine grade aluminum is one of the 5xxx series aluminum alloys, and the Mg content is 2.2%-2.8%. The 5052 marine aluminum plate has a higher magnesium content than other alloys, so it has a good anti-rust function. This is also an important reason why the 5052 marine aluminum plate is used in the hull.

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In terms of the production process, the 5052 alloy is processed from semi-continuous ingot casting, homogenization, sawing, surface milling, heating, hot rolling, annealing, cold rolling, annealing, cold rolling, solution treatment, aging treatment, to shearing, leveling, inspection, oiling and packaging.

The welding 5083 aluminum is a typical alloy in the Al-Mg alloy, which cannot be strengthened by heat treatment, and has the characteristics of medium strength, good corrosion resistance, weldability, and easy processing and forming. 5083H116/H321/H112 are commonly used.

The content of Mg and Mn in the 5083 alloy is controlled at the middle and upper limits, which can ensure that the strength performance of the material meets the requirements, and the plasticity and corrosion resistance of the material are also good at this time. Cr plays a supplementary strengthening role in the welding 5083 aluminum, which can increase the recrystallization temperature, and Ti refines the cast structure.

The aluminum alloy yachts for freshwater lakes are mostly made of 5052-H32 or 5052-0 aluminum plates, while luxury yachts on the sea are generally made of high-magnesium alloy 5083H116 or 5083H321 aluminum plates. Both of them have undergone special processing technology and have good corrosion resistance. he thickness of the ship plate is generally 3-30mm, and the thickness below 12mm is more widely used.

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